Dailies 01/23/14

Daily Doodle: Walrus King

Song of the Day: Crazy on You by Heart


Musical Pipe Dream: I’m manning the lights while the band plays.

Blurb 1/365:

Short Fictional Story: The Little Toad That Could

The toad observed her surroundings. She sat on what was left of a lily pad in the middle of a shallow swamp. Most of the water had evaporated and the remaining water was full of toxins and the dark red sky reflected off the layer of oil slick.

She hadn’t seen a live human for sixteen days. Other than the lifeless corpse that lay rotting several feet away from her on the muddy shore, she had no company. Just as she was pondering this, she glanced at the corpse to witness a hermit crab crawling out of an empty eye socket. There was no use in trying to converse with a hermit crab. All they are interested in doing is burrowing.

Feeling like there was nothing left for her at the swamp, she decided to brave the toxic water and leapt off her lily pad life raft. She plunged into the sludge until it was up to her shoulders and shimmied to a nearby bush that had some crispy leaves left clinging to the branches. Jumping into the branches and hopping from one section of the bush to another helped clean off the mess.

After traveling for some time, she made it to a road. There was endless land to travel but nowhere to go. Instead of grasping onto hopelessness, she held onto nothing and charged forward with a hop and a skip to the other side where she well knew the grass was not any greener.

Dailies 01/23/14
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