Dailies 04/25/13

Daily Doodle: Portrait – Little D: The Mini Scientist

Song of the Day: Supernova by Powerman 5000


Musical Pipe Dream: In this musical pipe dream, I’m singing lead. My body is possessed by the music and I require prescription goggles in lieu of my glasses in order for them to stay on my face. I’m sweaty and I’m owning it.

Blurb 1/365: I’ve been slowly but surely (shirley) ridding my life of filth. It’s been difficult, because wallowing in it became quite a habit. Bad habits are difficult to break, but it is possible. Filthy anxiety, go away. Filthy unnecessary guilt, go away. Filthy negative thoughts, go away. Filthy people that usurp my positive energy, go away. As I slowly rid myself of filth, all that’s left is what’s worth living for.


Dailies 04/25/13
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