Dailies 06/09/13

Daily Doodle: Cheer Up

Song of the Day: House of the Rising Sun as performed by The Animals


Musical Pipe Dream: I’m sitting on a rectangle piano bench that has a seat lined with textured vinyl; it looks like lace. I’m facing a church organ. As my hands move on the keys, I lean forward and back as if I’m possessed.

Blurb 1/365: I was thinking how it would turn out if there were investors out there that would invest big money in something that needed to be paid forward. Like an idea to build a product of quality and not have the bottom line only being monetary. So the mission would be:

1) Building something that is cool, which means that not everybody will like it and buy it.

2) Building something that works well, which means spending money on quality time for planning and proper execution, and on good materials.

3) Building something that continues to work well and providing customer service and monetary refunds when something doesn’t work well.

4) Creating a team of people that build these things that don’t get overworked, under paid, or under appreciated.

5) Creating a workplace where ego, greed, and jealousy only exists in the minority or not at all.

6) Promoting and believing that the most important thing is not what comes back to the company, but what gets distributed out to the consumer.

I think those investors wouldn’t make money for 10 years, and then after that, they would make more money than they could imagine. More money than investors can imagine. The company would make money for generations afterward.

People pay for good quality, good service, and good intentions.

Dailies 06/09/13
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