Dailies 07/11/13

Daily Doodle: Happy Chip Cookie

Song of the Day: Mellow Yellow by Donovan


Musical Pipe Dream: I’m walking to the bus stop and my steps match up with the opening beat. The view zooms out to the side view of me walking to the beat. Standing next to a hedge is a black man wearing a crisp, banana yellow, three-piece suit, with vest and pants only, no jacket, a black shirt with thin white pinstripes, and shiny black shoes. He watches me walk by on the sidewalk and steps out behind me and does jazz dance steps in a “cool-cat” style. He is wearing a black fedora and holds the brim between his thumb and first finger and does wide tip toe steps and sometimes doubles up to the syncopated beat. A block later, a Japanese woman wearing a Hot Dog on a Stick uniform and white tennis shoes steps out onto the sidewalk behind the man in the yellow suit. She has pigtails in her hair that shake with her head from side to side. She is jauntily walking with wide steps and arms in full motion swinging 180 degrees forwards and backwards.

I feel like people are behind me so I look back only to see nobody there. I dismiss it as my imagination. I continue stepping to the beat and the man in the yellow suit and the woman with the pigtails pop out from behind another hedge and continue to follow me while dancing. The man in the yellow suit is doing sashays and pirouettes. The woman with the pigtails has her hands out in front of her with her elbows tucked into her sides and is advancing forward by doing the bunny hop. This continues as I keep feeling like there is somebody behind me, but I don’t see them no matter how quickly I turn around to look. Something must happen within myself before I can be allowed to meet these two.

Blurb 1/365: They call me. Hello, hello?

Dailies 07/11/13
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