Dailies 11/20/13

Daily Doodle: The Bings and the Maraschinos Go Bowling

Song of the Day: Bust a Move by Young MC


Musical Pipe Dream: I’m dancing like Patrice in Coming to America when she’s trying to impress Akeem.

Blurb 1/365: I dreamt about a toy called “Potato Man Dan” which was basically a Mr. Potato Head, but the accessories that you attached to it were made of metal. So the box came with all the metal accessories, wire, a paper cup, toothpicks, and a small light bulb. Potato not included. You’d get your own potato and the toy was intended to be built into a potato battery.

In my dream, the writer Jenny Johnson tweeted about the toy and told parents to get this toy for their kids and sing them a confusing jingle about connecting the wires in a certain way with the intention of the kids receiving a small electric shock.

In my dream I designed and patented this toy and Jenny Johnson tweeted about it. One can always dream.

Dailies 11/20/13
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