These are some of my Short Stories. The genres you can expect to read in the links below are: science fiction, horror, and mystery. Thank you for reading! :O)



Detective X – Through all the mundanities that life has to offer, Komori finds some opportunities for enchantment. (Thriller, 17,603 words)


Short Stories

The Elevator – Gary has an otherworldly experience in an elevator. (Sci-Fi, 1,892 words)

Forest of Children – There are less and less children playing outside these days. (Sci-Fi, 1,836 words)

No Soliciting – Be cautious of answering the door, and of knocking on one. (Horror, 606 words)

Ruth – Work errands can be absolute hell. (Horror, 2,005 words)


Blurbs from my Dailies

The Little Toad that Could – (Sci-Fi, 247 words)

Balloons – (Random, 160 words)

Soy Sauce – (Noir, 162 words)

Contagious Memories – (Sci-Fi, 643 words)

J.U.M.P. – (Sci-Fi, 180 words)