These are some of my Short Stories. The genres you can expect to read in the links below are: science fiction, horror, and mystery. Thank you for reading! :O)



Detective X – Through all the mundanities that life has to offer, Komori finds some opportunities for enchantment. (Thriller, 17,438 words)


Short Stories

The Elevator – Gary has an otherworldly experience in an elevator. (Sci-Fi, 1,913 words)

Forest of Children – There are less and less children playing outside these days. (Sci-Fi, 1,875 words)

No Soliciting – Be cautious of answering the door, and of knocking on one. (Horror, 615 words)



No SolicitingPDF script version of my short story “No Soliciting” (Horror, 726 words)


Blurbs from my Dailies

The Little Toad that Could – (Sci-Fi, 247 words)

Balloons – (Random, 160 words)

Soy Sauce – (Noir, 162 words)

Contagious Memories – (Sci-Fi, 643 words)

J.U.M.P. – (Sci-Fi, 180 words)