Dailies 11/25/13

Dailies 11/25/13

Daily Doodle: Carbon Dating

Song of the Day: Batman Theme by Neil Hefti


Musical Pipe Dream: I’m playing the drums, hard. I’m screaming, “BATMAN!” into the microphone.

Blurb 1/365: Real childhood memory: My sisters and I would go over to my cousins’ house almost every weekend. There are three major memories I have about their old house.

1) My cousin sliced his finger open while swinging a large, framed painting back and forth on the wall and was taken to the emergency room.

2) They had a toy that was a plastic unicorn. It had a mask that fit over its face and horn and I always wanted to play with it. My favorite part was the way the mask clicked on and off.

3) My cousin and I would play Batman and Robin on the stairs and I always wanted to be Robin.

I was an odd bird. (Get it?! HAHAHA.)