Dailies 05/02/13

Dailies 05/02/13

Daily Doodle: I See Gnomes in the Trees

Song of the Day: Back in the Day (Remix) by Ahmad


Musical Pipe Dream: It’s a summer party. There’s watermelon and the kids are playing on a slip ‘n slide. The temperature is perfect under the shade of a large, non-allergy inducing tree. I’m lounging on a camping chair and someone passes me the Chex Mix before I even ask.

Blurb 1/365: The sun was shining in my eyes today and it was uncomfortable. First, I shaded my eyes with my hand, but this didn’t stop the heat from boiling my head. Then, I bent a bit forward and the sun ray rolled over my head. My forehead and hair felt cooler instantly and I was out of harm’s way. I realized that I can apply this principle to life in general. If something is bothering me, I shouldn’t just make slight adjustments that make me slightly less uncomfortable; I should move and take a step in the right direction.