Dailies 06/14/13

Dailies 06/14/13

Daily Doodle: Google Maps Street View

Song of the Day: Yakety Yak by The Coasters


Musical Pipe Dream: I’m wearing a fitted suit and playing the drums. My back is straight and I’m holding the drumsticks with a traditional grip.

Blurb 1/365: What if our bodies were like the universe? All of our cells are like us living in the universe. Theorizing on that analogy, the universe wouldn’t really be able to hear our prayers, but it would know that we weren’t feeling well if it had a headache or a bad stomach. Or it would know that we wanted more carbohydrates if it was craving a pizza. Some cells live happily and healthily, while others are attacked and are attempted to be protected by forces that drive the immune system in an on going and inevitable battle. If this were the case, I think that the universe cares about our well being and wants us all to be happy, but it can’t possibly think of all of us at the same time. Have I talked about this before? I can’t remember …