Dailies 11/12/13

Dailies 11/12/13

Daily Doodle: A Beautiful Sunset

Song of the Day: Ping Pong by Bassnectar


Musical Pipe Dream: I’m dancing, all happy and crazy, making everybody laugh.

Blurb 1/365: It seems like every year that passes, I have more baseline ailments. Like … sometimes I gotta sit up in bed because of acid reflux and/or nausea. When I was a kid, I could eat two scoops of ice cream and then fall asleep with my head hanging off of the couch. If I tried to do that now, I’d probably have to call in sick for work. HAHAHA. P.S. Tonight’s one of those nausea nights :O( S’ok, I’ll just sit up and turn up The Simpsons :O)

Dailies 11/02/13

Dailies 11/02/13

Daily Doodle: Dream Clouds

Song of the Day: Money by Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings


Musical Pipe Dream: I’m singing lead on a stage during a practice session. I’m wearing casual clothes.

Blurb 1/365: I’m so tired. It’s hard to find time or energy for dailies but I must stick to this commitment. Thanks for the encouragement guys and I’ll continue to work towards my goal of 365.

Dailies 05/12/13

Dailies 05/12/13

Daily Doodle: Hot Air Balloon Ride

Song of the Day: In the Mood by The Glenn Miller Band with a solo by Tex Beneke


Musical Pipe Dream: I’m on a cruise ship and two stepping it with the rest of the orchestra. We’re synced and our moves and sound are on point. The lights are down low and the reflections of the stage lights shine off of all the brass and create golden rays all over the room.

Daily Blurb 1/365: Genuine laughter is powerful medicine.