Dailies 08/11/13

Dailies 08/11/13

Daily Doodle: He’s Not a Kit-Cat

Song of the Day: Twist and Shout as performed by The Beatles


Musical Pipe Dream: I’m killin’ it on lead vocals until my voice goes raw. I’m not embarrassed, no … not embarrassed at all :O)

Blurb 1/365: While enjoying my couch, I watched eight movies this weekend. I believe this deserves some sort of award.

Dailies 08/06/13

Dailies 08/06/13

Daily Doodle: Caroline & Calvin: Co-workers & BFFs commissioned by @clo82 & @huh0kay

Song of the Day: Belleville Rendez-Vous by Benoit Charest


Musical Pipe Dream: I’m playing the acoustic guitar on the sidewalk. My face is painted like a clown and when I’m singing my eyebrows go up and down.

Blurb 1/365: It’s going to be a great day tomorrow because it’s up to you.

Dailies 05/15/13

Dailies 05/15/13

Daily Doodle: Loud Dad!

Song of the Day: Monsters by Sons and Daughters


(Note: For some reason, this YouTube post doesn’t start until 13 seconds in. If you listen, stay tuned for at least 13 seconds! :O))

Musical Pipe Dream: James and I are singing a duet. He’s on guitar and I’m on drums. There are three people in the audience that are going crazy on the dance floor. The other seven on-lookers are sitting at circular tables with lit up snow globes in the center. They’re eating peanuts.

Blurb 1/365: Cargo just let out a sigh while lounging next to me. James is close by and playing a game on the computer. Life is good.