Dailies 05/14/13

Dailies 05/14/13

Daily Doodle: I wonder if mochi likes me as much as I like mochi?

Song of the Day: Sekai Wa Futari No Tame Ni by Naomi Sagara



Musical Pipe Dream: My mom is singing and swaying in the middle of the living room while my dad is sitting on the couch and playing the acoustic guitar. My sisters and I are lounging around the dining table and we chime in for the harmony. There are plentiful snacks and drinks at the table. My brothers-in-law and husband are playing a game of cards. My nieces are dancing and holding hands. The dogs are napping and curled up into little croissant shapes.

Blurb 1/365: It was kinda crazy, so I just decided to take that time to talk to the Universe.