Dailies 09/22/13

Dailies 09/22/13

Daily Doodle: Sun Hat

Song of the Day: Shake, Rattle and Roll as performed by Bill Haley & His Comets


Musical Pipe Dream: I’m on stage with the entire cast of Clue with several microphones in front of us. We are two-stepping front and back while snapping our fingers and singing. We switch directions after 16 counts.

Blurb 1/365: Tim Tams are yummy!

Dailies 04/08/13

Dailies 04/08/13

Daily Doodle: Judge Dredd on a Sunday Afternoon

Song of the Day: At the Hop by Danny & the Juniors


Musical Pipe Dream: I’m set beside the band facing a sea of dancing teenagers. A grand piano hides me from the crowd, only the top of my head can be seen. I’m pounding away on the keys and I kill the piano solo.

Daily Blurb 1/365: It’s weird how all soap dispensers have such tiny openings to refill. I feel like it should be possible to create a soap or lotion dispenser that has a jar type lid that has a pump coming out of it. That would take away half the anxiety of refilling the the liquid soap. It would lessen the amount of swear words that come out of my mouth and threats that I say to the soap dispenser when I think it’s about to bubble back out and overflow and cause a mess. C’mon liquid soap distributors, have a heart.