I forgot my cellphone at home today. Albeit sort of ridiculous, I sort of felt like half a person without it. I didn’t have a pen or a book or a pamphlet to accompany me on my BART ride. On the plus side, I had the opportunity to see some things:

A sign that says “Ghirardelli Factory Store Now Open”

A big painted sign of the cartoon Pink Panther holding a pair of scissors

A pickup truck flatbed full of hamburger buns

A painted/decorated crosswalk (I wonder if more crosswalks could be like this?)

A few church steeples that I hadn’t noticed before

A lot of nice looking graffiti art

A lot of bad looking graffiti art

Many different types of roofs

A symphony of 7uP trucks getting ready to depart on their journey to different stores

A somewhat hidden playground with kids playing soccer in it

A man with a hairstyle reminiscent of DeBarge (I have been seeing this a lot lately)

So, it was pretty awesome. I’ll remember to do as the title of the BBC show says, “Look Around You”.