Thanks to some positive encouragement, I’m going to bring back Weekday Wordcount posts on my Instagram and Twitter accounts for the month of November. I’ll be drawing a cartoon to accompany each wordcount total post.

While I’ve been writing a lot, I feel like it has been a little bit aimless and irregular lately. I need to edit down what I’ve got, but also need to write more (always!). So I think the wordcount tracking, however big or small the total, will help me hold myself accountable :O)

I would also like to draw more comfortably again and think the only way to do that is to draw daily. My goal is to get a healthy habit where I’m either writing or drawing for a good chunk of the day.

I’m working to make a few submissions to open calls and contests for both writing and comics. Specifically, my short term goals have been to submit at least one short story to the Screencraft Cinematic Short Story Competition by the November 30th deadline. Then, to submit to an open call for an Asian American Comics Anthology by the deadline on January 31st.

Just a note, Writers’ HQ (UK) posts a monthly list of writing competitions and also offers many other writing resources. It’s where I found out about the Screencraft contest. Check them out if you’re interested.

Lastly, I’ll be posting my Weekday Wordcount Cartoons here in case you’d like to see them outside of Instagram or Twitter :O)

Happy Writing!

November Weekday Wordcounts

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  • November 8, 2019 at 2:31 am

    Really enjoy the drawings!!!


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