Dailies 03/18/14

Dailies 03/18/14

Daily Doodle: Be Positive

Song of the Day: Little Star by The Elegants


Musical Pipe Dream: I’m singing in harmony. We are swaying towards the audience with our left hands forward and back and then turning 180 degrees and swaying towards the audience with our right hands forward. We end the song standing in a line equidistant from each other with our right feet behind our left leg, arms at our sides, palms facing out, and our heads bowed down.

Blurb 1/365: At BART I saw this cardboard box, like a juice box, with the top ripped off. The label read “Tuna Salad” in some sort of serif bubble font in white overlaying a picture of tuna salad. It was raining that day and the box was soaking wet. I 100% regret not taking a photo of that box.

Dailies 03/01/14

Dailies 03/01/14

Daily Doodle: Tea Time

Song of the Day: Sleep Walk as sung by Betsy Brye


Musical Pipe Dream: I’m singing on a small stage with a standing microphone. There is a spotlight on me and I’m wearing a pretty dress.

Blurb 1/365: I’ve heard that an action is like throwing a stone into a river. The impact causes ripples. I would assume that all the ripples would grow to their own respective radiuses until they collided with one another making different currents all together. I can’t control the water but I can control the stone.

Dailies 02/23/14

Dailies 02/23/14

Daily Doodle: Swirly Shirley

Song of the Day: Try Me by James Brown and The Famous Flames


Musical Pipe Dream: I’m in the shadows and singing backup with others. We’re swaying back and forth and when we reach out towards the audience, you can see our hands and arms lit up from the spotlight above pointed center stage.

Blurb 1/365: There’s something about Campbell’s chicken noodle soup that makes an upset stomach feel better.

Dailies 01/17/14

Dailies 01/17/14

Daily Doodle: Small Fry

Song of the Day: Lucille by Little Richard


Musical Pipe Dream: I’m drumming EXACTLY like the drummer in this video. Amazing. And what a treat with such great film quality.

Blurb 1/365: I like to make people laugh. Laughing makes me feel nice, too, but making people laugh until they cry is a really great feeling. It’s like floating on a cloud, quietly through a calm sky.

Dailies 12/28/13

Dailies 12/28/13

Daily Doodle: Two Hearts That Float As One

Song of the Day: All I Do Is Dream of You as performed by Debbie Reynolds in Singin’ In the Rain


Musical Pipe Dream: I’m sitting in front of a small drum kit and holding the sticks with a traditional grip. My posture is straight and I have a big smile on my face. I’m wearing a suit that matches with the rest of the band.

Blurb 1/365: Today for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, I ate time.