Dailies 03/22/14

Dailies 03/22/14

Daily Doodle: I bowled a 365!

Song of the Day: I Can See Clearly Now by Johnny Nash


Musical Pipe Dream: I’m way off to the side of a stage playing the bass and singing backup.

Blurb 1/365: The last year has been enlightening for me. I’ve drawn more than I ever have, taken time to write things that, in that past, I have only thought, expressed my love and appreciation for music, and have been able to share that with all of you.

Doing this daily 365 project has helped me realize that I can do something that I want to do as long as I take the time to concentrate on what is important. My actions flow with the universe and, instead of being stuck in a whirlpool, I want to get swept up in the right current and continue to go with the flow.

I’ve always worked on appearing to be the kind of person that can calmly go with the flow and now I can say that it’s true. I don’t have any time for false happiness. Concentrating on what’s right for me has made everything that at one time felt dramatic or detrimental feel like it’s less and less of my business. I like the simple things.

I’m excited to see what I can do next. Though I won’t be drawing or writing everyday, I’m still going to make time for it on a regular basis. Stay tuned for more mouse adventures via comics or maybe another live tweet of Flight of the Navigator. Thank you for going on this journey with me!

Dailies 03/02/14

Dailies 03/02/14

Daily Doodle: A Close Shave

Song of the Day: Let’s Stay Together by Al Green


Musical Pipe Dream: I’m singing in a lounge to an audience that isn’t too thrilled with my performance. I’m wearing a men’s leisure suit in the 1970s style. I’m pointing at people and singing to them while dancing smoothly to the beat. My love for the audience is nonreciprocal, but I’m still giving it 100% with the sweat beads on my forehead as proof of my valor.

Blurb 1/365: Perspective is everything.

Dailies 02/06/14

Dailies 02/06/14

Daily Doodle: Worker Bee

Song of the Day: (Not Just) Knee Deep by Funkadelic


Musical Pipe Dream: I am singing backup in a small recording studio with 20 other people. We’ve been jamming for 15 minutes and things are just getting started.

Blurb 1/365: You know when people say something sassy to each other and then they smile/frown and look down while laughing but only in an exhale and then wave at the opposite person to stop while stomping a foot? Whenever I witness that, it makes me smile.

Dailies 02/04/14

Dailies 02/04/14

Daily Doodle: Alligator Clip

Song of the Day: Let’s Get It On by Marvin Gaye


Musical Pipe Dream: I’m singing at a 60th wedding anniversary party. Everybody’s out on the dance floor and the band’s been playing this song for 8 minutes.

Blurb 1/365: Cookie, cookie, cookie, cookie .. COOKIE! (sung in the tune of “For the Love of Money”)