Dailies 12/26/13

Dailies 12/26/13

Daily Doodle: Perfect Apples

Song of the Day: I Just Want to Make Love to You as sung by Etta James


Musical Pipe Dream: I re-enact the scene in the movie Adventures in Babysitting after the man says, “Nobody leaves this stage without singing the blues,” and I sing this song to a stone faced audience.

Blurb 1/365: Against the balloon vendor’s advice, I bought all the mylar balloons. I tied heavy bells with loose slipknots to the bottom of each one and situated them on the sidewalk where people were clicking their tongues at me and taking wide steps to either side to avoid the balloons. People started to avoid me all together and the hustle and bustle continued on the opposite side of the street. I looked upon my balloon farm with a victorious smile. With my arms spread wide and head held up high, I walked into the balloons’ warm embrace. After a few joyous twirls, the balloons were hugging me from all sides and all I could see was metallic beauty. The bells jingled and stayed on the ground. They wobbled a bit from the inertia of the ball bearings and almost appeared like they were waving goodbye. The strings came loose and I floated into the sky towards the sunset on the horizon.

Dailies 07/24/13

Dailies 07/24/13

Daily Doodle: Rooster Roast

Song of the Day: Time of the Season by The Zombies


Musical Pipe Dream: I’m standing while playing the keyboard. When comes the time to sing harmony, I lean into the microphone angled towards me. The keyboard stand is shaking as I’m jamming on the keys.

Blurb 1/365: “Well my family and I can’t live in good intentions, MARGE. Oh, your family’s out of control, but we can’t blame you because you have GOOD INTENTIONS.”—Hurricane Neddy

Dailies 05/23/13

Dailies 05/23/13

Daily Doodle: Tom Nook! What have ye done?

Song(s) of the Day:

Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) by Cher


and as sung by Nancy Sinatra


Musical Pipe Dream: In Cher’s version, I’ve got a fiddle tucked into the crook of my neck and I pull the bow with long, meaningful strokes. During the breakdowns, I relax my shoulders and pluck the strings to the beat.

In Nancy’s version, I’m sitting on a wooden chair holding a guitar. I have a piece of glass in my left hand to hold down on the frets as I pick at the strings. My eyes are fixated on my right hand and my head is bowed down.

Blurb 1/365: I wonder how the world would be if perspective could be used like currency? Like, you could pay people in perspective. Or you could pay people money to see your perspective. *She was lost in thought … she was missing for 12 days.*