Dailies 09/07/13

Dailies 09/07/13

Daily Doodle: Allow the Dough to Rest

Song of the Day: Give It to Me Baby by Rick James


Musical Pipe Dream: I’m on an extremely crowded bus and holding on to one of the metal poles. This song comes on over the FM radio with moderate reception. All of us are bouncing along with the bumps in the road when my wedding ring starts clanging on the metal pole to the beat. Somebody from the middle of the bus starts singing along. Other people start chiming in until most of us are singing along or at least smiling and grooving. I arrive at my stop and off-board the bus while the song is still playing. The bus slowly departs with people still partying to the music.

Blurb 1/365: “How the hell did she have all these puppies?” – Investigator from Animal Precinct (She had 16 in the basement of an abandoned house. They all lived. The mom was adopted and I can only assume those adorable puppies were all snatched up, too.)

I was looking up this show and it looks like it aired in 2001 … that was 12 years ago … (whoa).