Dailies 03/28/13

Dailies 03/28/13

Daily Doodle: The Beastmaster

Song of the Day: Phenomena by Yeah Yeah Yeahs


Musical Pipe Dream: There is a scene that I envision with this song. I imagine a karaoke/bar/strip club that has circular red booths that face away from the main stage. All of the front row seats are provided in the sunken floor that looks up to the stage. Families order their food and eat free boiled peanuts at the circular booths while the strip show starts. The lights go out, a spotlight shines on a stripper with the perfect body scantly clad in a red ensemble. Families go on enjoying their boiled peanuts, onlookers enjoy the show.

Blurb 1/365: My life has a soundtrack and I don’t have to pay any royalties.