Dailies 04/18/13

Dailies 04/18/13

Daily Doodle: Might as well face it, I’m addicted to pho.

Song of the Day: Cutie Pie by One Way


Musical Pipe Dream: My sister’s neighbors were having a party loud enough to wake the entire neighborhood. Across the street a party goer was on top of their dining room table in front of a bay window doing the Ham dance. I think of this fondly when I hear this song.

Daily Blurb: I was watching the Colbert Report tonight and Alan Cumming was the guest, promoting his one man show of Macbeth.

Do you remember the movie “Bernard and the Genie”? I remember watching that on VHS. My mom would pick up movies for us before coming home from work. It was a video rental place that had all the VHS covers on a wall with tokens below on a hook. This would signify how many copies were left. One night, she brought home “Bernard and the Genie”. It starred Alan Cumming and Lenny Henry. Which made me think about the show “Chef!”. Do you remember “Chef!”?