Dailies 05/25/13

Dailies 05/25/13

Daily Doodle: LEGO my Eggo

(Check out http://legogenre.com)

Song of the Day: Tell Me Something Good by Rufus w/ Chaka Khan


Musical Pipe Dream: I would love to be able to effortlessly sing this song. Until then, I’ll just sing this on Rock Band.


Blurb 1/365: “Life is short.” Even shorter is the time that we are able to enjoy it. Most of life is time spent trying to figure things out or being stressed. If we are lucky enough to reach a time in our lives where we actually figure things out and live without stress, the time we spent confused might outweigh the time we have left to enjoy.

Live life happily and kindly. Do what you love to do. There has never been a time better than this. The right time is now.