Dailies 10/29/13

Dailies 10/29/13

Daily Doodle: Raspberry Beret

Song of the Day: All the Young Dudes by Mott the Hoople


Musical Pipe Dream: I’m playing the organ and singing backup on a microphone reaching over the keyboard.

Blurb 1/365: The half filled signifies an optimist. The half empty glass signifies a pessimist. But what if the half filled glass thought that was all to being a glass and it never strived to be filled with anymore liquid and just waited to evaporate? And the half empty glass thought of future rainy days and fresh squeezed orange juice?

Dailies 08/05/13

Dailies 08/05/13

Daily Doodle: You Deserve a Medal for Getting Out of Bed Today

Song of the Day: Fame by David Bowie


Musical Pipe Dream: I’m playing the drums. I’m huddled over the snare drum with a microphone positioned close to my face to sing back up. I hit the crash cymbal with a badass look on my face where my mouth looks like an upside down U.

Blurb 1/365: *wave*

Dailies 07/10/13

Dailies 07/10/13

Daily Doodle: BART Stare

Song of the Day: Ziggy Stardust by David Bowie


Musical Pipe Dream: I’ve got the bass hung low to my hips. My skinny arms are flexed. My hair is all brushed to one side bit it’s still messy. During the lyrical parts, I sway back and forth while accompanying the vocals. During the jams, I slightly bang my head while my left hand climbs right on the frets to the higher notes. I’m biting my bottom lip with concentration.

Blurb 1/365: We’ve all just got to give each other a break.

Dailies 04/20/13

Dailies 04/20/13

Daily Doodle: Space Music (a doodle drawn while my Mom kicked all of our butts at playing Dominion tonight!)

Song of the Day: Space Oddity by David Bowie


Musical Pipe Dream: For about 10 years, I have had a complete vision of an animation I want to create in the Ender universe with Space Oddity being the soundtrack. It would be about the time in Battle School where they don’t tell Ender and his toons about a battle until the last minute. It would show them eating breakfast, all the other armies being ready in the Battle Room, Ender jogging towards the Battle Room and jumping up to touch a part of the ceiling, his army jogging close behind him and jumping up to touch the same part of the ceiling, the Battle Room door opening, and epic battle of skill, desperation, and deceit, and ultimately triumph as a soldier passes through the door. The animation continues with Ender in space in a ship with three seats, out of the spaceship window is a view from Earth at a distance, a flash of Ender facing two empty seats, a flash of Ender facing seats occupied by Peter and Valentine, then a flash of Ender alone again, far away. Finally, a view of an interpretive figure of Jane as she dances, hops on stars, and flows through space.

Blurb 1/365: It’s all up there in my head, all I have to do is get it down there to reality.