Dailies 11/24/13

Dailies 11/24/13

Daily Doodle: Pachyderm Pilot

Song of the Day: I Do Love You by GQ


Musical Pipe Dream: I am standing still with my head down looking at my toes. When the music starts up, I start strumming the guitar. We all two-steps in unison and then tap our toes to the front and back. I do a turn in four counts being careful not to trip over any wires.

Blurb 1/365: I think Johnny Depp and I have the same facial hair patterns.

Dailies 09/09/13

Dailies 09/09/13

Daily Doodle: Nuchi on Parade (Commissioned by and drawn for Nuchi!)

Song of the Day: Rapper’s Delight by The Sugarhill Gang


Musical Pipe Dream: I’m on BART and a few kids onboard at the Lake Merrit station with this drum beat playing out loud on one of their phones. They start rapping and the all of us other passengers start to get into it. Most of us are clapping and some are recording video with their phones. When Master Gee’s intro comes in and he says, “On and on and on on and on”, I do a glide step in a box form. My face gets close to one of the cameras at the second step and you can see my big eyeball before I slide away.

Blurb 1/365: Love life.

Dailies 07/23/13

Dailies 07/23/13

Daily Doodle: Pachyderm Packing Peanut

Song of the Day: Sinnerman as performed by Nina Simone


Musical Pipe Dream: I’m playing the piano on a huge stage with several musicians. We’re magically keeping time with each other though hardly looking at each other for cues. Everybody’s sweating.

Blurb 1/365: “His name is Elephant, and he’s a pachyderm. His name is Elephant, and he applies Nutraderm.”

Dailies 04/21/13

Dailies 04/21/13

Daily Doodle: Elephie

Song of the Day: Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Pt. 1 by The Flaming Lips


Musical Pipe Dream: Robots are frolicking in a field with butterflies fluttering around them. Yoshimi gets a medal.

Blurb 1/365: My childhood toy was a Hello Color stuffed animal that I named Elephie; an elephant wearing green shorts. “Wanna play stuffed animal parade?”–Ralph Wiggum