Dailies 08/09/13

Dailies 08/09/13

Daily Doodle: David the Gnome

Song of the Day: Fish Paste by Die Antwoord


Musical Pipe Dream: I’m on the middle of my poorly lit living room. I have some sort of wrap or bandana over my nose and mouth and am wearing an oversized hoodie and big pants. My dancing is endangering all of the surrounding knick knacks and the bass is bothering my neighbors. This pipe dream just might become a reality!

Blurb 1/365: It’s good to make a fool of myself sometimes. It’s training to help me do what I’ve been wanting to do all my life which is to not give a shit.

Dailies 05/02/13

Dailies 05/02/13

Daily Doodle: I See Gnomes in the Trees

Song of the Day: Back in the Day (Remix) by Ahmad


Musical Pipe Dream: It’s a summer party. There’s watermelon and the kids are playing on a slip ‘n slide. The temperature is perfect under the shade of a large, non-allergy inducing tree. I’m lounging on a camping chair and someone passes me the Chex Mix before I even ask.

Blurb 1/365: The sun was shining in my eyes today and it was uncomfortable. First, I shaded my eyes with my hand, but this didn’t stop the heat from boiling my head. Then, I bent a bit forward and the sun ray rolled over my head. My forehead and hair felt cooler instantly and I was out of harm’s way. I realized that I can apply this principle to life in general. If something is bothering me, I shouldn’t just make slight adjustments that make me slightly less uncomfortable; I should move and take a step in the right direction.