Dailies 07/20/13

Dailies 07/20/13

Daily Doodle: Fun Guy

Song of the Day: Fraggle Rock Theme by Philip Balsam and Dennis Lee performed by the Fraggle Rock cast


Musical Pipe Dream: I’m on a Muppets reunion set and I’m playing the drums. I’m surrounded by various Muppets and puppeteers. When the song breaks, I raise my arms with sticks in-hand to click twice in unison with everybody’s clapping.

Blurb 1/365: “Dance your cares away. Worry’s for another day.”

Dailies 04/23/13

Dailies 04/23/13

Daily Doodle: Super Mario Cereal with Marshmallows

Song of the Day: Pillar Box Red by The The


Musical Pipe Dream: I’m on the keys in this one; an odd mini piano that only comes up to my knees. I also see myself doing a weird dance step. Imagine two three foot sticks stuck in the ground with string pulled across them to make a big equal sign with about two feet in between each string. The dance step I’m thinking about is me trying to side step in between the two pieces of string. The leading foot steps, the following foot crosses over the leading foot and so on. This dance step requires a jacket with coat tails.

Blurb 1/365: (O_O)