Dailies 05/01/13

Daily Doodle: When I get anxious, I wish I had a sleeping bag that I could crawl in and zip up and then be magically transported to my bed.

Song of the Day: Slam by Onyx


Musical Pipe Dream: All you can see is my head and my fingers peeking out of an enormously oversized sweatshirt. My pants are big enough for me to fit in one pant leg and the cuffs are stuffed into big boots. My limbs are flailing.

Blurb 1/365: Dude. SLAM. 1993. Whenever there was three of anything, my sisters and I would associate one of them to each of us.

For example:

With The Chipmunks, I was Theodore.

With Duck Tales, I was Louie.

With the Brady Bunch sisters, I was Cindy.

With the Three Amigos, I was Ned.

With Onyx, I associated myself with Sonsee solely because of the fact that I constantly wore a grey sweatshirt that my sister got from a school lost-and-found and a pair of blue jeans. So it looked like one of his outfits in the music video. This song brings back memories …


Dailies 05/01/13
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