Dailies 08/24/13

Daily Doodle: You Know, For Kids!

Song of the Day: Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows by Lesley Gore


Musical Pipe Dream: I’m doing the Charleston number that Pete and Trudy did on Mad Men.


Blurb 1/365: Short Fictional Story–JUMP

There aren’t many restrictions against Jumping. Security is so tight that if anybody tried to do anything, they’d just never Jump back. Some people have used it to purposefully end their lives: Suicide by Jump. If you talk to most people, they want nothing to do with it. There are too many politics involved. People get angry when they can’t change something that fails the Ripple. Even with the ability to time travel, evil sometimes still has to remain in history.

At first, Louie didn’t know if he should go; he didn’t know if he’d be able to Jump back. The case studies showed that he wasn’t in existence in 2045, but there was no record of his death.

He knew he would never leave her and that was enough certainty to make the decision. He was going to make the Jump and gather information to submit to the review board to test the Ripple. There was no guarantee, but if the Ripple passed, he could clear his name. He needed to clear his name so he could save her.

Dailies 08/24/13
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