Dailies 02/14/14

Dailies: Puppygram!

Song of the Day: You Got Me Wide Open by Bootsy Collins featuring Bernie Worrell


Musical Pipe Dream: I’m sitting at the back end of a stage playing the drums. I’ve got a microphone nearby my head so I can turn my head to sing backup. “Sittin’ on a groove and he wanna play …” Then I can snap my head back to break into the next part of the song.

Blurb 1/365:

Blurb 1/365: I remember listening to the Friday soundtrack for the first time on cassette tape. I got it from The Wherehouse and it was packaged in a cardboard case that slipped on from one of the short ends. I had a clock radio that I kept on the side of my bed that was against a wall next to my pillow. It was a big, rectangle block that had sharp edges. There was a tape deck that popped up from the top. I would quietly click it down and listen to tapes on the lowest volume. I let a friend borrow it to record onto a blank cassette tape and when he returned it, I made some smart comment about it not being rewound. He said, “Who are you, Blockbuster?” Then I remembered the movie Kathleen Turner was in called Serial Mom where she killed that person that didn’t rewind their rented video tapes. I remember the oddest things.

Dailies 02/14/14
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