Dailies 11/18/13

Daily Doodle: Chill Out and Be Nice

Song of the Day: Roses by Outkast


Musical Pipe Dream: I’m playing the keyboard emphatically by slapping my hands on the keys almost like I’m drumming. I lean into the microphone hanging over the right side of the keyboard to sing backup. For the last minute of the song, I get up and do the electric slide .

Blurb 1/365: Bitches, man. I’m am not using the word to demean women. I’m using the word as a name for a category of human.

I understand that there are bitches that just have that certain personality type; like they just don’t know or care that they’re bitches and are just naturally selfish. They came out of the womb that way.

But those entitled bitches. Those ones that have learned somewhere that they deserve more than somebody else for some insane reason nobody remembers. Those ones that enjoy to make people feel uncomfortable and laugh when they achieve doing so. They step on people to get to where they want to be.

Those are the ones that need stay away from me and my family, or, quickly learn the lesson that they shouldn’t cross nice people.

If I could go with my family to live in Animal Crossing, I would.

Dailies 11/18/13
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